• All of our greeting cards are 100% Made in Chicago, drawing upon a diverse pool of artistic talent to create high quality product at an outstanding value for our customers.  We have been in the greeting card industry since 1993, and our lead designer and VP of Product Development has been in the business since 1986
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE is really important, and we strive to be as responsive as possible and to resolve every issue you might have quickly and effectively.  If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.  We really do appreciate your business!  If you need assistance, or more information, please call us toll-free at             1 877 906-2211 or email stockwel@stockwellgreetings.com



  • All GREETING CARDS are 5” wide x 7.75” high.  Cards come in packages of six greeting cards and six white envelopes.  This size, with white envelopes, ensures a uniformity in the displays, without the problem of customers swapping envelopes for another color.  We think six cards of any one design is plenty and we don’t think you should be forced to buy a dozen if you don’t want to!
  • There are no MINIMUM ORDERS.  We want you to order only what you need, and we don’t think it’s fair for you to have to purchase more than that.
  • Our FULFILLMENT TIME is typically 24-48 hours once your order status is pending.  Large display deals can take several days longer to prepare before shipping. 
  • We are located in CHICAGO and use UPS Ground shipping, so an order leaving on a Monday, for example, will arrive in New York on Wednesday, Tampa on Thursday and California on Friday.  If you don’t reach the minimum for free shipping which is $99.00 for one medium box, don’t worry, we get great rates from UPS.  Shipping is calculated based on the weight of the box and the distance between our zip code here in Chicago and the destination zip code.
  • INTERNATIONAL ORDERS are accepted on our site, and you will have the opportunity to prepay your duties and taxes online.


ABOUT THE WEBSITE www.stockwellgreetings.com

  • Our ecommerce WEBSITE allows customers to find the greeting cards they need quickly.  Because designs change so frequently, we do not offer a printed catalog.  This also helps us to keep our prices down.  Inventory levels are updated daily, and while all of the designs are viewable, the website will only allow you to purchase those that indicate Add to Cart.  We recommend that users create an account which allows them to maintain their shipping and billing addresses.  This is a very simple process which uses an email address and a password of the user’s choosing.  Another nice advantage is that the website keeps a history of your orders, so you can see what you ordered last time, or even last year!  The Wish List holds designs or packages that you may want to purchase later.
  • The SHOPPING CART will hold your items for about 7 days, so if you are unable to complete your order in one sitting, it will be there for you, provided you log in to the same computer you started the order on.
  • PERFORMANCE is best on all sites when you use a current, updated browser, and we recommend Chrome and Firefox.  It also helps to clear your cache and your browing history periodically.
  • PRIVACY AND SECURITY is something we take very seriously at Stockwell Greetings.  Your emails will never be given or sold to anyone.  We take every security precaution at every level of our business to keep your information safe and secure.
  • We do not accept RETURNS unless we shipped the item incorrectly, or the product arrived damaged.



  • Our DISPLAY DEALS are simple, and designed to keep your greeting card department organized and simplified, allowing for easy reordering.  Stockwell has no contracts!  Once purchased, you own the displays, and no one can take them away. All displays are packaged to be “all inclusive” and you will never pay a penny more than the price posted.  There are no added fees, shipping, handling or surcharges of any kind.  All deals include the display, 12 greeting cards and envelopes per pocket, locator (title cards), shipping and of course the planogram which is the electronic, customized plan for your greeting card department.
  • We are experts at designing, customizing and working with you to create the perfect card department for your store.



  • CUSTOM PRINTING greeting cards with your company name, logo,website and phone number is a great way to invigorate your CRM, or to do something special to recognize your customers, or to promote a fabulous event.  See our Custom Printing tab, give us a call at 877 906-2211 or email us: stockwel@stockwellgreetings.com
  • All of our copyrighted designs are available for LICENSING for greeting cards and a multitude of other products.


Our EMAIL campaigns go out about twice per month to offer you any specials we may be running as well as letting you know when you should be ordering your seasonal cards.  In 2016 we promise you an entertaining, informative and engaging BLOG/NEWSLETTER.