Why Buy Greeting Cards


  • Greeting cards are a recession-proof product that everyone needs.  Some of your customers may not buy a birthday gift, but they’ll always buy the birthday greeting card.

  • Offering a discounted greeting card program will attract customers and build your store traffic.  All successful retail chains are built around a strong greeting card department:  Walgreens, Dollar General, CVS and Target…. One thing all these retailers have in common is a terrifc greeting card department.

  • Annual paper greeting card sales in the U.S. alone amount to over 6.5 billion dollars, and discount greeting cards account for the fastest growing segment of the market.  


BUY AMERICAN WHEN YOU CAN!  When you buy our cards, you're saving American jobs!

Retailers around the world have come to depend on Stockwell Greetings for the best selling and best priced American Made wholesale greeting cards. We are a great choice for retailers who want to increase their profitability through greeting card sales. Having a strong greeting card program in your


store is crucial during these times to build in-store traffic, and increase your profit margins. Greeting cards are a necessity item, people NEED them.  Our warehouse is stocked with tens of millions of birthday greeting cards, all-occasion greeting cards and seasonal greeting cards to fill your greeting card displays with fresh american made designs which will keep your customers returning. Pre-printed retails on the back of our cards range from $2.75 to $4.00.

Stockwell Greetings creates fresh, bright, colorful and contemporary greeting cards and we are proud to be helping the American economy by making all our greeting cards in Chicago! From small greeting card purchases to complete card department store set ups, we are your best choice for greeting cards. Our experienced and expert staff is ready and able to offer fast and friendly service as well as valuable support and industry advice to help you build and maintain a very successful and profitable greeting card department.

stockwellgreetings.com offers a safe and secure online shopping experience.  Every single card has an american flag on the back because every single card is made in America...this helps keep jobs in America, which your customers will appreciate. We have the staff and technology to support all your requirements and expectations.

You can buy just a little from us to fill in your existing programs so you can pick up considerably more profit, or you can use us as your exclusive supplier. Our specialists will customize a card department that will satisfy YOUR store requirements. Stockwell Greetings has departments starting at 4' (96 designs) to 40' (960 designs).  There are NO CONTRACTS to sign with our company.

  • Our easy reorder program will ensure quick delivery so you will never lose sales due to empty card pockets.
  • Our dedication and loyalty to our customers is well known in the industry, and all of our customers have realized greater profits than they ever thought possible.
  • Try us for yourself, and find out why our customers are calling us their "favorite card company".